Anelik Bank
Exchange: Updated as of 17.09.2014
  •  406.00, 409.00
  •  10.40, 10.80
  •  523.00, 533.00

  •  406.00, 409.00
  •  10.40, 10.80
  •  523.00, 533.00

  • Mortgage loans Are provided for individuals, real estate purchase and renovation purposes.
  • Consumer loans Low interest rates on consumer loans secured by property.
  • Purchase of... Loans for purchase of goods by installment.
  • Car purchase... Since 7% of the prepayment, up to 7-year repayment period. Realize your...
  • Lombard loans Lombard loans low interest rates.
  • credit card Credit card, always available in your pocket.
  • Lending program RA Government Economy Stabilization Lending Program
  • MasterCard International plastic cards. Service anywhere in the world.
  • Convertable Deposit at any time up to 12.2% + chance of...
  • Safe deposit at any time with up to... 12.5% + chance...
  • Demand "Anelik Bank" of the demand deposits of physical persons and...
  • Arca Local plastic cards. Get cash realize utilities and other payments.
  • Visa International plastic cards. Service anywhere in the world.
  • MoneyGram Financial services to more than 192 countries and individuals without...
  • Anelik Money transfers without opening an account the system of minimum...
  • Money transfers... Money transfers to more suitable conditions in the territory of...
  • Bank accounts Accounts for the benefit of individuals and legal conditions.
  • Safes Safest place for your precious items.
  • Junior Deposit up to 11.5%, Take care of your child’s safe...
  • Discounts for... up to 50% discount at over 500 best stores, trade...
  • BOOM ENERGY IF YOU ARE YOUNG: FREE entry to about 12 clubs...
  • Gold Privilege Anelik Bank MasterCard GOLD PRIVILEGE - The card of your...
  • SIMPLE-FAST SIMPLE-FAST LOANS. The simplest and fastest way to get a...
  • Express Student... given within 24-Hours
  • Facebook Anelik... Join us on facebook and get a lot of advantages


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